When Accuracy Matters

Process video and images 100x faster than a human ever could. We are on a mission of transforming how computers see the world. .
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Use AI to tell you what is in your images, videos or text
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Machine Learning

Teach machines how to recognize your inputs using examples.
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Locate people, places and things within your images and videos.
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Text Classification

Identify and summarize the topics covered in a set of text
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Automate your image and video analysis with machine learning.

Computer Vision Made Easy By Kenoobi AI

  • Images
    Capture data about the physical world through images. Responses fire in 50-500ms intervals, depending on complexity.
  • Video
    Process video 100x faster than a human ever could. Outputs are encoded as a time series for easy analysis.
  • Predictable Performance
    Analyze text in real-time and offer responses to a conversation without missing a beat.
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We’ve trained our models on millions of images so you don’t have to.

There are three groups of operations that computer vision algorithms or models do on regular images: image classification, object detection, and semantic/instance segmentation (which we will simply call “segmentation” in the future). Do not worry, you are not obliged to know about algorithm architectures!
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